Thanks Courtney and Tami for this excellent partnership. The event was amazing. A lot of important and essential content for them. 

Aru Quiroz, Program Specialist, Uber LATM

Courtney Stanley

Global Confidence Keynote Speaker, Empathy & Self-Awareness Leadership Development Expert

Courtney Stanley is recognized globally as an award-winning entrepreneur, keynote speaker and leadership coach, and is the creator and host of the podcast for leading women in business, Dare to Interrupt. Courtney has spent more than a decade helping professionals, entrepreneurs and organisations engage in game-changing, impactful conversations that empower individuals to elevate their self-awareness, improve team and culture dynamics, and drive meaningful change. 

With a background in experience design, leadership studies and business strategy, Courtney empowers people from all walks of life to lean fiercely into the power of leading with empathy, advocating for themselves and others, and seizing silver lining opportunities to grow personally and professionally. Her mission to inspire professionals through vulnerable, meaningful dialogue has resulted in changed behaviours and altered approaches to leadership across the world.



The Self-Aware Leader: Building Trust through Vulnerability, Empathy and Authenticity

Times have changed, and the skills leaders need to harness in order to effectively serve their teams have evolved, too. In this highly interactive presentation, we explore three key areas of personal leadership development: self-awareness, peer perception, and cultural influence. 

This engaging experience empowers leaders to practice introspection and vulnerability, allowing individuals to not only self-develop, but to inspire their team members to also leverage the winning, modern strategies that result in a healthier, happier, more productive work environment: authenticity, emotional intelligence and empathy.

​If you’re motivated to make simple and powerful shifts that will get to the heart of real leadership and humanize interactions to improve morale and increase long-term profitability, it’s time to focus on the greatest resource you have: your people

Learning Outcomes:

  • Practice self-awareness and perception development exercises to become a more emotionally intelligent leader
  • ​Explore powerful strategies that elevate peer-to-peer vulnerability, transparency, and communication
  • ​Adopt and apply methodology to create a culture built on trust that leads to increased performance, retention, and profitability
The Ambitious Leader: Unspoken Strategies that Align Purpose, Hustle and Success

The secrets to building a successful, fulfilling career are best discovered through self-awareness development, creating purposeful influence from the inside-out. Whether you’re a hustling entrepreneur or a hungry intrapreneur, embracing and scaling these four core skills will take your career to the next level: authenticity, confidence, influence and grit. 

This highly interactive presentation will guide you through thought-provoking exercises that will empower you to clarify what drives – and deters – your success, verbalize your value and amplify your influence, and strategically communicate your message in a way that’s impactful, authentic, and effective.

  • Identify your core values and key strengths to sharpen your vision and value proposition
  • Level-up your self-awareness and peer-perception to engage with others more effectively, strategically and authentically
  • Create your personal public relations strategy to build greater influence, visibility and impact
The Evolved Leader: Breaking the Rules to Change the Game

What limiting self-beliefs and behaviors hold you back from walking your most authentic, powerful walk? So many people leave jobs, relationships, business ventures, and conversations feeling that if they had owned their authenticity, verbalized their value, or spoken up when the moment called for it, they would have achieved a more successful and meaningful outcome. 

This keynote will empower you to deeply explore what holds you back from taking risks, teach you how to build confidence in uncomfortable moments, create a culture of positive outspokenness for your team, and harness the power of owning your story, your voice, and the opportunity to write your next chapter. 

Learning Outcomes: 

  • Exercise self-awareness development proven to combat imposter syndrome and achieve greater opportunity, happiness, and success
  • ​Practice life-changing psychological strategies to communicate with confidence and impact
  • Explore vulnerability-based methodology to connect with others more authentically, powerfully and meaningfully