Tonia Jashan

Tonia’s presentation was the best way to end a three-day conference with our clients. Her story, accomplishments as well as energy was inspiring and engaging. The audience was enraptured and, I believe, the topic gave them hope that with a vision, persistence and optimism great things can be accomplished

Devin S Ragwen, Director Sales Support, Sunlife

Tonia Jahshan

Award Winning Entrepreneur & Mental Health Advocate

Featured on Dragon’s Den

For every presentation Tonia does, she gives a tea gift to each attendee

Tonia Jahshan, founder of Sipology, has embarked on a remarkable journey filled with more triumphs than tribulations. Along this path, valuable lessons about the world of business and, more profoundly, self-discovery have been learned. Her profound passion lies in narrating the Sipology story with the sincere hope that her words will kindle a spark of inspiration within others, urging them to embrace risks, uncover their true callings and embrace their life’s purpose.

Sipology’s inception took place in a basement and it evolved into a multimillion-dollar Profit 500 enterprise. This journey to success was marked by numerous twists and turns, a mix of victories and challenges and many instances where her unwavering passion faced the test of doubt.

At the core of Tonia’s character are values such as perseverance, steadfast commitment and unwavering focus, all of which have been sharpened through her real-life experiences.

When Tonia Janshan takes the stage to deliver her keynote addresses, she infuses them with generous doses of humor and humility. Renowned for her ability to establish deep connections with audiences, she doesn’t just convey information — she stirs action and leaves a lasting impact. Her storytelling style, characterized by unvarnished authenticity and modesty, mirrors her beliefs and values, proving to be the most compelling way to inspire enduring change.

You can catch Tonia Jahshan summering at her cottage and skiing in the winter with her husband and three children. She continues to be a strong advocate for mental health, something she is very passionate about.



The Dragon’s Den Story: Developing Your Perfect Pitch

Join us for an inspiring journey into the art of communication and strategic persuasion with Tonia, co-founder of a thriving wellness business propelled by a pivotal moment on Dragons’ Den. Gain valuable insights into crafting and delivering compelling pitches that resonate across various fields and contexts. Learn the essential elements of effective communication, strategic negotiation, and seizing opportunities, applicable to professionals in business, academia, nonprofit, and beyond. Whether you’re pitching an idea, project, or yourself, this keynote will empower you to refine your pitch and unlock doors to success in any endeavor.

Soldiering On With Self Awareness

Tonia’s mission to break the stigma around mental health is a vital one, as it addresses a critical issue affecting countless individuals around the world. The premise of her work revolves around the idea that what someone’s life looks like on the outside doesn’t always reflect or change how they feel on the inside. Appearances can be deceiving, and mental health struggles can often remain hidden behind a facade of normalcy or success.

In this speech, Tonia creates a safe and open space for discussion and education around the importance of mental health and wellness. She shares her own personal journey, which is a powerful way to connect with her audience and demonstrate that mental health issues can affect anyone, regardless of their outward appearance or achievements. By doing so, she breaks down the barriers that prevent people from discussing their mental health and encourages others to do the same.

Learning Outcomes: 

  • Learn What to Say and What Not to Say: Mental health is a sensitive topic, and many people struggle with how to approach it in conversation. Tonia helps her guests understand the importance of using supportive and empathetic language when discussing mental health.
  • Discover Tools for Wellness: Tonia provides practical actionable tools and resources to help individuals and their loved ones on their journey to wellness from anxiety and depression. These tools may include coping strategies, self-care techniques, and information about professional help and support networks.
  • Learn How to Be Vulnerable and Share: Opening up about one’s own mental health struggles can be extremely challenging due to fear of judgement or misunderstanding. Tonia encourages vulnerability and authenticity by sharing her own experiences and emotions. By doing so, she sets an example and teaches her guests how to get real and share their feelings with others.
Passion, Perseverance & Purpose

Tonia’s journey as an entrepreneur and her success on Dragons’ Den is an inspiring story of determination, innovation, and resilience. Her story serves as a blueprint for others who aspire to build their lives, businesses and achieve independence. Guests who engage with Tonia’s story will learn that they too can empower themselves to take action and make their dreams a reality, no matter where they are in life.

Learning Outcomes: 

  • Transcend Yourself and Empower Action: Tonia’s story is a testament to the idea that, regardless of your background or circumstances, you have the potential to transcend your limitations and take control of your life.
  • Discover the Secrets Behind Tonia’s Success: Tonia’s journey on Dragons’ Den, securing investments from prominent investors like David Chilton and Jim Treliving, is an intriguing and educational tale. Guests will have the opportunity to gain insights into the behind-the-scenes aspects of her success. This includes understanding the strategies, pitches, and negotiation skills that played a pivotal role in securing investment and growing her enterprise.
  • Feel Empowered to Take Action: Tonia’s story is not just about her personal achievements but also about inspiring others to take action on their own ideas and entrepreneurial and life ventures. Guests will walk away from their interaction with Tonia feeling motivated and empowered to pursue their own business and life aspirations.
From Basement to Profit 500

The journey of building a successful business, such as Tonia’s venture with Sipology by Steeped Tea, is a complex and multifaceted process. It involves more than just following a simple checklist; it requires a combination of practical experience, knowledge, and a keen intuition. Tonia’s insights into her entrepreneurial journey provide valuable lessons for aspiring business owners. 

Learning Outcomes: 

  • Trust Your Gut and Learn from Experience:Tonia’s emphasis on trusting your instincts is a crucial aspect of entrepreneurship. While it’s essential to gather data and make informed decisions, there are times when intuition plays a significant role in identifying opportunities or potential issues.
  • Building a Strong, Trustworthy Team: One of the most critical factors in business success is the people you surround yourself with. Tonia’s journey likely involved assembling a dedicated and competent team to support her vision. Guests will learn about the importance of finding and nurturing a strong, trustworthy team that shares your values and can help drive the business forward.
  • Manage & Embrace Change: Tonia’s success in building Sipology by Steeped Tea likely involved innovative approaches to business planning and strategy. Tonia will inspire guests to think outside the box, challenge the status quo, and find new ways to solve problems and drive growth.
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