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Professional Speaker Coaching with Tami Adams

With 13 years of meeting planning experience and 10+ years working alongside high-level professional speakers and her knack for human connection, Tami has seen it all. Providing unique insights into both the speaker agent and meeting planner side of the business, she brings her bubbly, energetic and passionate personality to all clients. As an expert in speaker coaching, she loves helping the next generation of thought leaders share their ideas and change the world, one speech at a time.

She offers customized one-on-one keynote speaker coaching packages for new and upcoming speakers and provides consultations for current professional speakers. She believes there are many inspirational individuals out there who have important messages and ideas to share, just waiting to be heard. She loves being able to help you bring these ideas to the stage.

Are you a new speaker?

Looking to embrace the incredible business of professional speaking? Wondering about the best way to fast-track your career and get paid what you deserve? Want to learn more about how to build an educational, engaging and entertaining keynote speech? We are here to help.

Already have speaking experience?

Perhaps you already have experience speaking on stage and in front of others. Great! We are here to take your speaking journey to the next level! Learn the key elements of an engaging, educational and entertaining performance. Understand what the high-earners do to stand out and get clear on what bureaus and meeting planners look for when picking the speaker for their event.

Do you need help gaining more clients?

Are you a current professional speaker struggling to get the clients and income you want or those wonderful spin-off requests? Maybe you know there is more you can do to make the speech just THAT much better? Or, you just cannot seem to “sell” yourself well? (**hint it’s not about you). Book a consulting call with us to critique your speaking profile and make suggestions for improvement to gain more clients and stand out amongst the crowd.

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The benefits of speaker coaching with Tami

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How and why is Tami an awesome coach and person?

How much time do you have?!

I was referred to Tami by a speaker I really respect, at a time when I had done a lot of speaking, but to be honest, I never felt great at it. A lot of my keynotes were fun, (and apparently I’m funny when I don’t try to be) but were missing something. During my time with Tami, she was instrumental in changing my mindset about how I position my keynotes, and myself, to have a great impact on delivering value to my audience. She helped me reshape my message so that it would resonate with greater effect, and helped me build the sorely lacking infrastructure of my speaking business, like content for my website.

Tami’s patience, experience, and general brilliance will leave a lasting impact on you and will make you a better speaker. I know that’s what she’s done for me.

Vincent Mirabelli

Organizational Change Expert & Speaker

Tami came highly recommended by a dear friend, and I am ever so grateful for the connection. Having worked with Tami over the last year, I feel a meaningful transformation in my presence as a speaker and in my speaking business. I’ve secured paid speaking opportunities and launched my website; key milestones we had identified at the outset of our coaching journey.

Tami brought a discipline to our coaching relationship, that ebbed and flowed perfectly around my development. Amongst her many qualities, Tami is compassionate while being honest with her input and feedback, all delivered at the most optimal moments. Tami also has extraordinary listening skills, and got me through moments of feeling “stuck”.

If you feel called to speak, to share your ideas with a broader audience, and if you wish to do this in a meaningful and compelling way, Tami is the expert you want on your side.

Thank you, Tami, for your generosity, professionalism and friendship. I look forward to the evolution of our partnership.

Ayesha Shah

Keynote Speaker, People & Culture Expert

Tami supported me as my speaking coach early in 2021. I had an urgent need for support as requests for my workshop began coming through. I had a general sense of my knowledge gaps, and I knew that Tami had the experience and subject matter expertise to help me navigate this new territory.

Now that we’ve worked together, I have the know-how and tools I need to move forward in my speaking career with confidence. I appreciated Tami’s flexible approach to customizing content delivery to align with navigating the engagements I was involved in at the time. I also valued Tami’s expert feedback and coaching on my presentations as this helped me make improvements each time.

Tami is high-energy, a highly supportive cheerleader, and extremely passionate and knowledgeable about speaking, meetings, and events.

Moriah Bacus

Founder of Vibe High VA’s

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