This is an interview not to miss! Kelly Sayre, Situational Awareness & Workplace Violence Prevention Consulting I Best Selling Author l Keynote Speaker shares with us how we can all be more situationally aware as women to help prevent risky situations from occuring in the first place.

Ever wonder why that voice in your head is telling you something is off? Maybe you had someone creep you out or you just knew, something is not right here? According to Kelly, as women we all have these natural intincts which we often push aside or think we are going crazy, but in reality while we have it we are not often taught how to conscisiously listen-in and figure out what our intuition is telling us! Kelly shows us how.

This session is good for any woman looking to improve their safety, be a SHARP woman and leaders within organizations who wish to train their women on how they can best address risky situations before they become a problem!

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